The Magic of Being You!

YouID is a simple -- but powerful -- system for generating, managing, and controlling Web- and Internet-scale verifiable identity that's totally controlled by you. It makes you the master curator of your profile data and associated content indexes, without compromising your privacy.


Your social media and other online profiles aren't under your full control. Increasingly, third parties are making decisions, theoretically on your behalf, based on their perception of you!


An industry standards-compliant application that enables you to issue your own identity card, in a manner that scales to both the World Wide Web and Internet.


  • Digitally identify yourself to email recipients, while enabling them to send you encrypted email that will only be readable by you.

  • Eradicate spam and take full control over your email inboxes.

  • Create your own rules for controlling access to resources (images, music, contacts, profile documents, etc.) you share on the Web or Internet.